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The project Affreschi is a collaboration between Antonio Lupi and Peter Gaeta, a designer who for years carry on a personal research on surfaces and decoration for the bathroom. The project transforms your wall into an affresco thanks to a new technology that allows you to transfer a design on a surface. The technology used for this project is very recent and has been developed only in recent months. The decoration is achieved by a transfer paper that allows you to penetrate the pigments of the digital drawing directly into the pores of the plaster ( raw concrete , plaster scratched, funds to mow , drywall, exposed brick ... ) just like in the traditional technique.

The application is simple, fast and smell free, thanks to the use of materials, water-based, must be done by qualified personnel. After 30 minutes the product become active so you can start the application of the decoration (about 20 square meters can be defined in 8 hours of work). The ease application also makes it possible to adapt the affresco to any structure , from walls to ceilings, vaults domes .


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